What is Kiwi Kids News?
Kiwi Kids News is the news website for New Zealand students and teachers. We upload 3 or 4 relevant news articles each day during term time.

Why do we need Kiwi Kids News?
Kiwi Kids News provides teachers with news and teaching resources that are safe, fun and relevant. We take pride in ensuring the news on our website is safe for use in a classroom. 

What age is Kiwi Kids News suitable for?
While we believe Kiwi Kids News is suitable for all ages we aim our articles and resources at students aged from 10-14. Our news articles are easy to read and are about 8-10 sentences long. 

Do I have to pay for Kiwi Kids News?
Kiwi Kids News is a free website for students, teachers and schools. However, schools that do sign up have access to our premium content. This includes the weekly news quiz, our feature article and homework booklet. 

How much does Kiwi Kids News cost?
Kiwi Kids News subscriptions are based on the size of your school.
Large schools – 500+ students = $139 per year
Medium schools – 101-499 students = $119 Per year
Small Schools – 0 – 100 students = $99 per year
Individual subscription = $49 per year

Subscriptions renew each year. 

When my school signs up who can use it?
When you sign up every teacher and student in your school can use the site as much as they like. Each teacher in your school is given a password to access our Teacher Download section while students are given login details to access the main website.

How do I sign up?
To sign up click on this page and fill in your details. We will then send out an invoice and email you your user details.

How do we pay?
Once you have signed up you will receive an email with your invoice. This can be paid by either bank transfer or cheque.

How do we get our resources?
Once you have signed up you will be emailed all the resources you need to begin. We send out an email every Thursday night with key information and we encourage as many teachers in your school to sign up to this.

How long has Kiwi Kids News been running?
The website started in 2010 and has been growing in popularity ever since.

Who created Kiwi Kids News?
Shem Banbury, a New Zealand Primary school teacher designed the concept and is the Chief Editor. He runs Kiwi Kids News as one of his hobbies ( along with triathlons) and is currently teaching a Year 8 class at Aquinas College, Tauranga.